Fourier was founded in 2018 by a group of scientists and engineers within the vaping community, who saw the need to make a meaningful change.

After 18 months of testing, Fourier has developed Fourth-Generation Vaping Technology, unlocking the full potential of a vaping device. Our passion is user experience and functionality.

By putting vapers first, we offer the ultimate experience for every individual, whether you are an experienced vaper or transitioning smoker.

In addition to innovating vaping with new technologies, Fourier is committed to refining the fundamentals, with unprecedented reliability, efficiency and accuracy.

Fourier is made by vapers, for vapers. Our core values push us to create the very best technology possible and help every person along the way. As we continue to work with the international vaping community, we break boundaries and improve lives.

Want fourier technology in your next device?


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