What is the 4th Gen

Vaping began with a dream. A spark of inspiration that would change the lives of millions.
From the first generation to the latest, vape technology continues to evolve as improvements in technology and design increase the effectiveness and popularity of vaping. Innokin has teamed up with Fourier Technology who has developed what is seen as the 4th generation vape technology.
The first-generation devices were basic. With the push of a button, the battery heated coils, changing liquid into vapour to deliver nicotine and flavours.
Atomizers evolved from single-use to refillable. EGO, then 510 standardized connections were adopted and shared throughout the industry. Tanks and devices improved independently from each other, giving vapers more options and a better experience.
Second-Generation devices with variable voltage were introduced. Adjusting the power to the coils increased or decreased heat to personal taste. With Adjustable Wattage technology, vaporizers became smarter and more user-friendly. The device chipsets read the coil resistance then automatically calculated power output to provide a safer, more standard, experience across devices and tanks.
Third generation devices with Temperature Control utilized more advanced chipsets and new types of coil materials. Designed to eliminate dry-hits and reduce potential harm from damaged cotton wicking third-generation vape technology continued to use earlier generation direct output technology.
The evolution to Fourth-Generation Vape Technology begins with Alternating Current Mode (ACM). Earlier generations of vaporizers all used direct-current to power coils in a single direction.
Alternating Current Mode sends electricity through the coil in both directions. This important upgrade increases the efficiency of heat transfer between the coil and eliquid, which improves flavour, extends coil life and much more.
Alternating Current Mode introduces Waveform Frequency Control to vaping. By selecting different types of waveforms, and adjusting the frequency, specific temperatures can be repeated to produce the full spectrum of flavours from eliquids and offer subtle ways to heighten specific flavours. This exciting new technology is easy to use, deep in complexity and can be used by all current tanks, coils and pods.
Our goal in developing Alternating Current Mode is to provide vapers with an even better experience and the vaping industry new ways to grow and improve.
We are looking forward to discovering the full potential of this exciting new vape technology in the hope of working together to create a smoke-free future.
For more information about Alternating Current Mode Technology and Fourier, please visit Fourierinside.com.
Written by Paul Hare Written by
Proud Vaper and Stop Smoking Advocate. I've worked in vaping for more than 10 years.
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