All About Vape coils

Coils are the heart of a vaporizer. They can create incredible flavours, and then they will always burn out. Why is that? Is there a way to improve the flavours and how can the coil life be extended?
This article is about vape coils and an introduction to why Fourier Technology improves efficiency and flavour production for most types of coils.
Let’s cover electronic-cigarette and coil basics first.
The main hardware components of electronic cigarettes are the battery and the atomizer.
The ‘battery’, or ‘mod’ has the battery and chipset and is available in many styles from pod to pen to box.
‘Atomizers’ are the tanks and pods. They store eliquid and have a wicking material that draws eliquid into a heating element. There are different types of heating elements, the majority are wrapped wire (coils), and there are also ceramic plates with wire inside. When powered, the heating element, or coil, heats up and vaporizes the eliquid.
Every coil has a different electrical resistance which determines the amount of power needed to run the coil. Usually, the lower the resistance, the higher the wattage required. 
ADVANCED: Coils are resistors and have the highest voltage potential drop in the centre of the coil. Current is pushed into the coil and then heat from the middle of the coil creates the vapour.
Coils mostly made of Kanthal, which is a ferritic iron-chromium-aluminium alloy. TCoils for Temperature control are made with Stainless Steel, Titanium, Nickel or other materials.
Previous generations of Ecigs use direct current, meaning the charge flows from the battery’s negative terminal to the positive terminal; from one side of the coil to the other.
Fourier is a new vape technology that powers coils in a revolutionary new way. Fourier technology upgrades the power output to atomizers with Alternating Current. Thermodynamic energy flows through the coil in both directions, creating variable frequency waveforms.
Older generations of direct current vaping tech do not produce waveforms, which creates limitations.
Waveforms produce specific temperatures rapidly many times in a second, which can enhance specific flavours. By setting an energy output according to your e-liquid’s heating point, and the coil’s resistance, you can experience more flavours over time, and the coil will last longer.
Fourier Technology breaks the bubble of vapours created around the coil. When direct current heats a coil then a bubble of vapour is created around the outside of the coil. This bubble decreases efficiency and increases carbon buildup, which also reduces flavour and coil life. Adjusting the Fourier frequency will prevent vapour bubbles from accumulating around the coil, which increases efficiency and enhances coil life.
Fourier engineers have brought vaping to a new generation with more possibilities for efficiency, flavour, and more. Try Fourier Technology for yourself and experience the difference.
If you have any feedback or questions about the coils or Fourier write to us at We’d love to hear from you.
Written by Paul Hare Written by
Proud Vaper and Stop Smoking Advocate. I've worked in vaping for more than 10 years.
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